The MISSION of the Arts & Leisure Committee is to promote, coordinate, and enhance Arts & Leisure in Henry County by creating and promoting rich and diverse cultural experiences that enhance quality of life and expand the county’s international reputation while establishing  Henry County as a major arts destination.

We plan to do this through three core initiatives:

  • Preserving and Promoting the Arts, Entertainment & Leisure – through artistic festivals, public art, cultural programming, concerts and nightlife.
  • Creating Access to Arts, Entertainment & Leisure Activities – by acting as the liaison between the arts community, entertainment, meeting planners, tour operators and business owners through a dedicated website and forum with event listings and contact information.
  • Supporting the Professional Arts & Entertainment Community – through the provision of grant funding and other resources for artists, entertainers  and not for profit organizations.



Our VISION is of a creative environment where the arts & entertainment are central to the life and well-being of the community.

We want to foster an environment in which the arts & entertainment are able to flourish – an environment which:

  • Identifies and nurtures creative talent, wherever it’s found in Henry County, to its full potential
  • Encourages active participation
  • Supports and celebrates imagination, innovation and ambition
  • Nurtures creativity through the medium of arts, music, dance and culture.
  • Enables artists to develop a professional career in Henry County, and find ways to exploit new markets for their work
  • Inspires young people to develop their creative potential
  • Embraces equality and diversity
  • Finds new places and ways for people to participate in the arts & entertainment
  • Develops the creative traditions of Henry County and reinterprets them with contemporary relevance
  • Is international in outlook
  • Recognizes the fundamental importance of well-being and sustainability



Our goal is to become the county’s official funding and development organization for the arts.

Our principal sponsor is the One Henry Economic Alliance. We hope to be able to support the arts & leisure community by raising additional money where we can from other public and private sector sources.

Working together with One Henry, we support and promote the important contribution that the arts make to Henry County. We also hope to show how the arts are able to help the enactment of wider Government policy, including economic renewal, participation, the reduction of Child Poverty, Arts and Education and sustainable development.


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