Foodies, look out, there’s a new southern cuisine player in town! Tucked away in the historic McDonough square is DuLac’s Bow Tie Café. It’s a small, quaint restaurant on Macon Street, a little over 30 minutes south of Atlanta.

At first glance, the logo drew me in–a modern font that lined the street corner alongside other mom and pop restaurants. A red bow tie and hand-written message on the windows adds to the restaurant’s charm.

DuLac’s is French and means “of the lake.” The Bow Tie portion of the name was coined years ago when a friend introduced Chef Gregory as the “bow tie chef” because of his eclectic collection of bow ties. Chef Gregory said the name stuck and he began growing his catering business at special events and private parties.

DuLac’s features upscale southern cuisine in a casual dining atmosphere. The interior of the restaurant is cozy and intimate, perfect for dates or brunch (which is 11 am – 2 pm daily). Popular brunch menu items include “the signature cast iron treasure” which is fried chicken paired with waffles. If you are in the mood for something different, try the salmon BLT which features the signature brown sugar glazed salmon and is exceptionally flavorful, savory and sweet. Now on the other hand, if you are an adventurous foodie, try the appetizer favorites like the fried green tomatoes and the collard and artichoke dip. The fried green tomatoes are cooked to perfection and topped with a homemade feta dressing.

A unique point I learned is that this building was featured on Destination America because it was used as a morgue in the early 1900s. With its paranormal television ties, the restaurant might just become as popular with fans of television as sites like the Walking Dead Museum have become with its devotees!

Chef Gregory developed his love for cooking as a child while helping his grandmother with meals in Pensacola, Florida. He even features her cookbooks in the waiting area with the added touch of her notes and changes to each recipe. His passion for providing an upscale experience to McDonough residents for a reasonable price shines through while chatting with him.

“If you have on jeans and a t-shirt come on in,” the owner says, emphasizing that the restaurant is for the casual diner or the couple looking for a nice date night. With seating by the window, diners can enjoy their meal with a sunset view of downtown McDonough.

They can accommodate private parties in the beautiful upstairs dining area. If you’re looking for a little music to go with your meal, once a month there is an acoustic series every 4th Friday and a jazz night once a month featuring local musicians. The large open windows are visually charming and offer a great view to all patrons. It provides a perfect location for business lunches. For more information on DuLac’s Bow Tie Café visit