Stephanie Epps is owner and instructor of Indigo Soul Yoga. Teaching since 2015, Stephanie says that her interest in yoga began during her college years when she incorporated the practice into her workout routines. After tearing her hamstring, she could no longer engage in the physical activities she once did, including Crossfit and marathon running, so she turned to yoga as a means of healing her body.

Epps characterizes her classes at Indigo Soul Yoga as “not for the traditional American yogi,” going on to say that she is never too busy to stay after class and speak with attendees. If you attend one of the free Yoga In the Park classes, hosted by Epps, in Downtown Locust Grove, you’ll often hear soft, instrumental music as you stretch out under the sun. Classes at Indigo Soul Yoga, which were previously held at Crossfit Essentials in McDonough, Georgia, include playlists that incorporate urban and pop music, injecting added fun into the workout. Stephanie welcomes people with varying backgrounds to her classes with the goal of making others feel that Indigo Soul Yoga is a safe space for them.

As a wife, mom, professor of nursing and nurse practitioner, Epps remains busy. She incorporates yoga into her very own life through morning meditation and prayer. She refers to yoga when she is upset and also reads literature with a focus on mindfulness, a state of active, open attention on the present.

Her advice to individuals new to yoga is to find what fits your practice. Epps reiterates the sentiment that yoga is for everyone and that it does not matter what you look like or how “strong” you are. She encourages those new to yoga to travel around and take note of what they like in order to get past the initial fear or hesitance about taking up the practice of yoga.

Epps was excited to share news about the opening of her very own studio located at 3984 Highway 42 in Downtown Locust Grove, where she instructs classes ranging from beginner to advanced.  Visit the Indigo Soul Yoga website for more information about Stephanie Epps and her classes.